Celebrating 10 Years with StarBright Group

Spotlight Client Interview

Eve Roth Lindsay

Eve Roth Lindsay in her studio in Hong Kong

Eve Roth Lindsay, owner and Managing Director of Savvy Style and Colour Me Beautiful HK located in Hong Kong, is celebrating her businesses’ 10 year anniversary.  It’s no coincidence that StarBright Group is also celebrating its 10 year anniversary as well.  Savvy Style was one of our very first clients!  We’re proud to say that she has been a satisfied customer for the past decade, and we intend on continuing to provide top-notch service to her company for years to come.

To help small business owners gain some insight into the benefits of having a website, Eve took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions:

Q. Why did you want a website?

A. I started my company in 2001 and this was about the same time that the web was getting attention as a place to build your business. My small business started out working from home but I wanted to give the impression that the company was more than a home based business.  The website enabled me to let clients know what we do.

Q. What were you looking for in a web designer?

A. I wanted someone with experience that could give me guidance. As I went to an art school (Parsons School of Design) I had a lot of ideas of what I wanted. I didn’t know how to do a website, though, so it was important to me that I could find someone to work with that would be able to take my ideas and improve upon them.  With Savvy Style, I had a vision of what the website should look like and Stella did exactly what I wanted. She is very easy to work with and listens to your needs.  When we added another website, Colour Me Beautiful HK I needed a web designer that could work with the existing brand based in the UK. Now our needs are also about having a quick turnaround time when we need to add or update information and Stella provides that.

Q. As a small business owner, how have you benefited from your website?

A. My business has grown so much because of the two websites. I get comments everyday from clients saying how much they like the websites and that they find them easy to navigate. This is very important to me as the whole purpose of the Savvy Style and the Colour Me Beautiful HK website is to let clients know what we offer and information about how they can look their best.

Q. What would you say are your web designer’s strengths?

A. Besides the fact that Stella is an excellent web designer, she also sees the business. She looks at how to improve it and drive traffic to it. In addition to keeping the website up to date, Stella has suggested when I should do something different with the site and ways to stay new.  She is also very easy to work with.

Q. Are you happy with the results?

A. Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely, the success of Savvy Style and Colour Me Beautiful HK is very much dependent on the website.  I love our websites!

Q. If you decide to continue your relationship with StarBright Group, what are the reasons for doing so?

A. Of course I will continue with StarBright Group, in fact I can’t imagine the company without them.  They have been behind me and the growth of the company. As we head into our 10th year, Savvy Style, Colour Me Beautiful HK has StarBright Group to thank for a good portion of our success. I simply can’t recommend StarBright Group enough, in fact I have recommended them to many of companies and everyone is happy with their results.

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