Naming Your Site

Registering Your Domain

Usually setting up a domain name for your website is a quick and easy process.  You probably already have a business, so it makes perfect sense to simply use your business name when naming your site.  If that specific domain name is available, you have to register it and pay an annual fee to own it.

What If My Domain Name is Taken?

Needless to say, it was much easier a decade ago to set up domain names when the internet wasn’t replete with websites.  However, now, there is a chance that someone has already taken the name that you want.  So what do you do then?  We’ll help you do a search and let you know what options are available.  Sometimes, you may end up having to take an extension other than “.com”.  But, no worries.  “.net” “.biz” .info” are popular endings and oftentimes, cheaper alternatives.

Keep in mind that it’s better to keep it short and sweet because it can be a pain typing in a lengthy web address.  You don’t want your customers to cringe at the thought of typing in a name for 10 minutes.  Also, keeping it short makes it easier to remember.

Got a Domain Name. Now How Do I Put It On the Internet?

Congratulations on your new domain.  Now in order for the world to access this address, you need to host it.  A company that specializes in this is referred to as the hosting company.  They will basically create a folder which will end up holding all of your website’s contents on their massive servers (type of computer).  These servers then have access to the Internet and voila!

There are many hosting companies out there, but there are a few that we can recommend as well.  We can work with any host that you wish to use.  Many of our clients prefer a little more “hand-holding”, so they choose the option of having StarBright Group host their sites.  Our rates are low and competitive, and payments are generally billed yearly.

Packages for Everyone

Single Page
Just one page, but enough to make your business known.

Starter Package
Perfect for start-ups on a budget.

Advanced Package
Enough pages and content for a well developed site.

Customized Package
Sky's the limit!