Questions are a part of business, not to mention, life!  Here are some common ones.

1. How does this work ~ do I need to come to your office?

A. No, not at all! That’s the beauty of modern technology. Best way to reach us is by email, and follow-ups can be done over the phone. We can do it all without ever meeting, if that is more convenient for you. In fact, we have done this already with many of our clients – several who are located in other countries half-way round the world.  We would be happy to offer you references so you can decide for yourself if this will work for you.

However, if you live in the New York City area, we have no problem meeting with you in person to discuss your web needs.

2. I’m not sure what I need?

A. Perfect — we will ask you some questions and discuss some ideas with you till we come up with what we/you think is best to suit your needs. We will work with you. Bear in mind, this process may be complicated, but together we will come up with the best kind of exposure on the World Wide Web. Our aim is to get you on line – which is why our tagline is “The Small Biz Web Wiz”.

3. What does hosting mean?

A. Hosting is a fancy name for where your site is going to live. All websites need a “host” server to link them up to the Internet. Starbright Group offers this service at a reasonable monthly fee.

4. I don’t have a name for my site.  Do I need to do that?

A. Naturally, we will gladly help you find the perfect name (domain) for your site. We can register it for you or tell you how to go about doing that.

5. I already have a site that someone else created it. I’m not happy with it now.

A. Perfect we love these challenges. So many sites are just not what they should be. Apart from technology changing, so has the Internet user. The customer has become discerning and more ‘fussy’. We have assessed many different sites over the years and together we can work out what’s wrong with your site. In fact, if you request it, we will give you a FREE 6 point list of what is currently wrong with your site. If you decide to use our services, we will help fix those areas and tell you how best to achieve an optimum site.

6. I want to have a website but I don’t know how to manage it?

A. Have no fear, the Girls are here. We will take care of managing your site on a monthly basis or as required. We will also give you an estimate on how much this will cost – it maybe as low as $15 per month or more. This will depend on the changes you need to make.

7. How do I pay you?

A. We have one of two ways in which may can pay us – directly into our paypal.com account or you can forward a check to our bank account. We require a deposit on commencement of the work, an additional payment during the project, and full payment on completion.

8. Will we have a contract then?

A. Yes, a contract of work will be formalized and parties will agree ahead of time what is needed and prices will be given. Naturally, depending on the work being done it may be a set amount or it may involve an ongoing fee structure. By the end of the project, you may also decide if you would like us to maintain your site as well. Should this be the case, we will give you estimates on how much this will be.

9. What if I’m not happy?

A. Tell us — we will always work to making you happy – after all happy customers bring us business.

10. I love to write but I know it could use some editing. Will you help me here?

A. Sure – we suggest you put it in your own words and we will amend your content. That’s what we are good at!

11. I haven’t got any photos or images for my new site.

A. Let us take care of that – we can provide a good selection of low-cost, licensed stock photos purchased through StarBright Group. Alternatively you can search the net and ‘buy’ photos on line at various sites, that you like. And if the photo is not just quite right – have no fear – we can amend them to your liking.

12. I think I need a site that is secure because I have things to sell.

A. Together we can determine if you need an E-commerce site or simply an informative site that shows your products for sale. Customized e-commerce sites tend to be costly to run and to create, but there are plenty of other less expensive options specifically for those who have 5 or less products to sell. Together we can determine if this is what you really need.

13. Why would I want to change my site routinely?

A. It has been proven that sites which have constant changes are the sites that do best. Traffic builds a site and makes search engines and advertisers interested in your site. Freshness or changes to sites are what increases traffic, so it is essential to be ahead of the race! Let us help you with this aspect of maintenance.

14. How do I go about being on a search engine?

A. Search engines routinely send out “spiders” scouring the web for new content and data.  Once you have a site up and, rest-assured, they will find you.  However, if you would like your business to be indexed by other search engines aside from Google, we will assist you in submitting your site to them.

15. So when do we start?

A. Let us talk to you about your needs, work out some costs and sign the deal – it’s as simple as that.

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