About Us

SBG is celebrating our 10 year anniversary! Woohoo!

Started in 2001 by two women with a common interest in technology and entrepreneurship,  StarBright Group was originally established to help small business owners find their own niches on the World Wide Web.  Websites were still a relatively new concept at that juncture, but StarBright Group’s founders could foresee the rapid growth of the information super highway.  Today, having a website seems to be more essential than a business card in the world of networking.

What sets StarBright Group apart from the rest is that we are selective about the clients we work with.  Since we prefer a one-on-one approach, it is important that we nurture a working relationship that is based on trust and honesty.  Many other design companies, hungry for business, will accept virtually any project that comes along.  At StarBright Group, we want to learn about each of our clients’ businesses in order to understand what we can do to help them grow.  Providing quality work with a personal touch is what we strive for.

We know how tough it is to get a new business going and how vulnerable one can feel when you are trying to represent your company on unknown territory like the Internet.  We do our best to work within your budget and ultimately make you, our client, happy with the results.  It’s no wonder that the vast majority of our clientele continues to  use our services, many having been with us from the start.

Packages for Everyone

Single Page
Just one page, but enough to make your business known.

Starter Package
Perfect for start-ups on a budget.

Advanced Package
Enough pages and content for a well developed site.

Customized Package
Sky's the limit!